In 2012 I decided to fulfil a readers' desire, and to publish a print edition of the biography. I had refused to do so for a long time. To run a non-commercial website is one thing, to have it in print and sell it is something completely different. I didn't want to be one of those people who make money with the name "Depeche Mode". Another reason for being against it was that the concept had always been to run a website you could update every day if necessary.
On the other hand, this biography has never been a planned thing. It has grown by the requests and interest of its readers. Many people asked about a print edition, because they didn't want to read the biography on a screen, but rather as a real book, in their garden or on the sofa. Some also asked for an E-book version.

So - here it is! Now, everyone can decided if, how and where to read it, on the website, as an E-book or as a paperback.

Cover of the printedition

There are only a few differences between the website and the print edition / E-book:

  • 1. Parts of the discography and some other stuff linked on the website are integrated in the text of the print edition.
  • 2. The text now more resembles a standard book, (while the content remains the same as can be found on the website).
  • 3. There are some little extras which don't appear on the website.
  • 4. Different photos have been used.

Copyright law and licence law concerning photos is difficult. While it was a lot of work, but nevertheless quite easy to obtain permission to SHOW pictures of the band as well as "fan-art" on the website, it is something completely different to have pictures printed in a commercial book.
It would have been awfully difficult to get permission and licences in this case, as it requires the permission of the band as well as each photographer, for band photos and "fan-art". To make it worse these photographers and artists come from all over the world, and in every country there are different laws applying to photos.
As I do not have a publishing company supporting me, and as I'm not married to a lawyer, I decided to create the first band biography that doesn't contain a single band photo! Take it as something special! ;)
But, of course, a book needs a cover photo, and on the whole a book about art in the broadest sense is boring without any art, but just words inside.
Of all the "fan-art" I have collected over the years, there were two photos for which I had a title in mind, because a book also needs a title. You can't write "this is a Depeche Mode biography" on a black cover and that's it.
I talked to the photographer who took the photo I preferred, and wheedled him into the project. Both of us have a preference for a kind of "industrial romance" style, and think it suits DM well.

The print edition features black-and-white photos because a coloured print would be too expensive. The E-book version offers the original coloured pictures (as long as your reader is able to.)

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Service print edition and E-book of the biography:
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