Some time ago I asked DM-fans from all over the world to support me by answering some questions. Some of the results were used for some analysis within the biography.
Here you find the general analysis of the survey.
Thanks very much to everyone who took part!


Note:The given answers were mainly rewritten or shortened to keep the survey anonymous. (In case you might wonder "where is my answer?!" I can't know who wants to be anonymous and who don't care about being recognized in one of the forums. "This answer must be from XY!") But some special remarks were picked out.
There were mainly open questions, no multiple choice and seldom closed questions. So similar opinions / answers were combined / summarized.
When people gave different arguments within one answer, these were often split up, e.g. "What is the most important at the live-performance of DM to you?" and the answer was "visual effects, sound - and DAVE!" it was split up into these three points. (So the number of the answers can be higher than the number of participants.)

Participants: Altogether 75 people took part in the survey. It was amazing to see how easy it was to figure out if a man or a woman was answering. (No, not because all the girls wrote that they are in love with Dave. ;-) It's the writing style.) So I can say that about 46 men and 29 women took part in the survey.
Most participants are from Germany (53) - naturally because this is a German website - but also 22 people from other countries took part.

Remarkable things: Mainly men are the ones with the theories. I expected more female thoughts about the "theory-questions" but mainly women had difficulties with these parts of the survey.
I also expected more "they are simply great and everything they do is awesome"-answers, but most participants show up as quite critical, levelheaded and differential.
Some people were irritated by some questions (especially by the "theory-questions") and don't like really talking about the past. Well, this is a biography-website. Naturally biographies are busy with the history of something. ;-) The idea is to give a look from outside to special events. What did / do people think about special periods of the band history? e.g. in the chapter 1981 there is a section about why Vince left - what he said, what the other band members said and what fans think about his role and his ambitions. Fans, of course, just have a look from outside because they weren't there. But as long as this isn't "sold" as the truth or a general view it's simply an interesting completion.


1. Since when are you a fan?

This question was more an internal one to be able to consider the age and "experience" of the person who was answering.

03 x - Since Speak-and-Spell-era (1981)
04 x - Since A-Broken-Frame-era (1982)
05 x - Since Construction-Time-Again-era (1983)
10 x - Since Some-Great-Reward-era (1984)
12 x - Since 1985 or Black-Celebration-era (1986)
08 x - Since Music-for-the-Masses/101-era (1987-88)
11 x - Since Violator-era (1989-91)
08 x - Since Ultra-era (1997-00)
04 x - Since Exciter-era (2001-04)
07 x - Since Playing-the-Angel-era (2005-08)
03 x - Since Sounds-of-the-Universe-era (2009-10)


2. What is the most important at the songs for you?

20 x - Music
18 x - Combination of all components
15 x - Melody / harmony
10 x - Sound(collages) / the "Depeche Mode Sound"
08 x - Lyrics
07 x - Combination of lyrics and music (with the "rawness" and "edge")
07 x - Voice
05 x - Combination of music and vocals
04 x - Atmosphere / "soul" / emotion
03 x - Rhythm
02 x - Recognizing effect
02 x - Interesting switches, turns, backgroundmelodies, surprises
02 x - Production
01 x - Structure

Special remarks: "I need to identify with the lyrics" / "The voice has to transport the emotions of the song" / "it has to move me"


3. In which genre would you see Depeche Mode?

This is absolutely amazing. One of the "DM-mysteries". The answers differ extremely as if people would listen to different bands or as some people wrote: "the music of Depeche Mode is very personal".

21 x - Alternative / Alternative electronic / Alternative pop / Alternative electronic popmusic / Alternative pop with rock elements / Alternative Dark-Wave-Pop / Alternative popmusic with an edge / Alternative Rock
17 x Synthie-Pop / Synth-Rock
16 x - Electro-pop-rock / Electronic pop with Blues-influence / Electronic pop / Electro-Rock / Electronic music / Electronica
14 x - They combine different styles and genres to their own unique genre / many different styles / The genre of Depeche Mode is "Depeche Mode"!
05 x - Something between rock and pop / Pop / Dark Pop
03 x - Independent / Independent Electronic Pop / Indie Pop
03 x - Exotic: Combination of Electronic, New Wave and some kind of Dark Pop / Rock-Pop-Blues-Electronic / perfect-individual-synthie-electronic-with a bit pop-music

Special remarks: "Depeche Mode ist NOT Synthie-Pop! They had some early songs you can call Synthie-pop but who would call something like I Feel You, Barrel Of A Gun, Condemnation or the liveversion of Personal Jesus Synthie-Pop honestly?!"


4. What is your own musical background? What kind of music do you listen to mainly?

The musical background of the DM-fans is as varied as they see Depeche Mode in different genres. Or as some people said: "The music of Depeche Mode brings together people with very different musical taste and background. Everyone can find something (different) in it."

28 x - Electronic(a) / Electronic music of all genres
27 x - (Electro / Brit / Synthie / Future) Pop
25 x - Hugely varied taste / I listen to (almost) everything, it just has to be melodic, has to move me
24 x - Rock
16 x - Alternative / Alternative Rock
13 x - EBM / Industrial
11 x - Independent (Rock) / (Electronic Pop)
09 x - Darkwave / Gothic (Rock)
08 x - Other genres: Jazz / Post-Punk / Trash / Experimental / Shoegazing / Blues / Hip Hop / Rap / Motown / Disco
04 x - New Wave / Wave
04 x - Heavy Metal / Symphonic Metal
04 x - Classic
02 x - Ambient
01 x - Almost only DM


5. Are there Gods besides DM? (Please, just answer with "yes" if there are bands / artists you like as much as DM or with "no" if there is no other band / artist that is so important to you like DM. Don't count up your favourites)

40 x - Yes, there are other bands/artists I like as much as DM
35 x - No, there aren't any other bands/artists that are so important to me like DM (there is only one God, through and through).
03 x - Even DM aren't Gods for me. (I apologize for the irony in this question ;-))


6. To how many DM-concerts have you been up to now and when was your first one?

The question about the first concert was - as the question about how long people are fans - more an internal question to see what age the fans are and what kind of "experience" they have.

02 x - 0 gigs
23 x - 01-05 gigs
18 x - 06-10 gigs
19 x - 11-20 gigs
08 x - 21-50 gigs
03 x - 51-100 gigs


7. Do you often go to concerts in general? Or do you mainly spend your money on DM-concerts?

43 x - I like to go to concerts in general.
13 x - Only DM.
11 x - General, but if DM comes it's DM.
07 x - I don't go to concerts very much in general (and haven't been to many DM-concerts neither / don't go there anymore).


8. What is the most important at the live-performance of DM to you?

33 x - Music.
18 x - Setlist / Live-versions.
12 x - (Mood / performance / presence of) the band.
10 x - Dave (his voice).
09 x - The overall atmosphere (to have a good time) / emotions.
09 x - (Visual) effects / the stage / lightshow
09 x - The energy (the love) they spread / the dynamic (especially by Dave and Christian).
07 x - The interaction between band and crowd.
07 x - The crowd / the fans.
06 x - Sound.
06 x - The experience / the gig, in itself (being there).
06 x - Martin (his voice / the live-guitar).
03 x - The moment (before) the band enter the stage.
02 x - The combination of music and visual effects.
02 x - Everything.
02 x - Vocals in general.
02 x - The interaction between the musicians on stage.
02 x - I don't like DM-concerts anymore. It's like a too often seen play.
01 x - The venue.


9. Do you film / photograph on concerts?

Because of reading a lot of complaining about filming / taking photos in the forums and as there are a lot of photos and YT-videos on which you can see thousands of cameras and mobile phones I wanted to know how many people really do this.

34 x - No, I don't take photos / don't film (I even hate it, especially when other people do it).
13 x - I rarely take photos / film (just photos, no filming)
11 x - Yes, I take photos / film (record - audio)
(This would be less than half of the audience ... hmmm ...)

And because of a lot of complaining about "people just standing around doing nothing" ...

Do you take part in "crowd-action" (dancing aso) or do you prefer just to listen to the music?

34 x - I take part in all the actions - sing, dance, waving hands ...
26 x - I do dance! (If there's enough room.)
19 x - I sing along throughout. (Although I sometimes get strange looks.)
17 x - I prefer just to listen

Special remark: "Please, don't wave your arms until Dave says you to! ;-)"


10. Do you think there's a difference between live-performance until 1994 and nowadays? What is better / worse in your opinion?

Of course, this question was asked intentionally about 1994 as I had the feeling that many forum-users often complain about "the missing of Alan Wilder on stage" and that many seem to be very into the Devotional time. But the answers were quite balanced.

23 x - Both eras had / have their highpoints / I like both eras. / There's no real difference for me.
19 x - It was better in former times.
13 x - It is better nowadays.

Most people think that there is a difference but clear yes/no-answers were given rarely. And, no, not only "younger" fans think that it is better nowadays and not only "old" fans hang on the old times.
The answers were strongly split up because many people gave a lot of different arguments, trying to compare.

More "nowadays" orientated answers:
11 x - There's more action / better mood / more interaction on stage nowadays.
09 x - Martin is much better today.
06 x - The stage (visual effects) is / are better today.
06 x - Dave's performance (voice) is better today (it was awful to watch him at Devotional).
06 x - The live-drums today are awesome.
06 x - Gordeno is annoying!
05 x - The band isn't encouraged and varied enough today. / The shows are quite similar today.
04 x - DM sound has evolved well / I like the way they progressed.
04 x - The interaction between the band and the crowd is better today.
03 x - Today DM are more organic and like a conventional rockband / more a real live band (what isn't that bad).
03 x - Now their hearts are even more involved. / They give more than 100%.
03 x - I don't mind / I like the live / guest musicians. (They bring a new development to the old songs.)
02 x - I prefer that the bandmembers are sober today although they aren't that spontanous anymore. / They were more spontanous in former days.
02 x - The energy is higher nowadays.
01 x - It's good that they aren't a dino-band. They still bring young people to the gigs.
01 x - It's no "true" DM to have "guest" musicians on stage.

More "former times" orientated answers:
24 x - The live-versions were more interesting, impressive, unique and varied in former times. / Alan's live arrangements were awesome. / I liked the more electronic sound (without live drums) better.
08 x - Dave's voice (and his performance) was much better in former times. (His energy was more impressive.)
08 x - The performance in former times was more static and inapproachable (but this made them unique and much more impressive). / Their early performance had that special feeling of discovering something new. / They lost some of that special feeling you had in former times. / They lost the feeling of mystic.
06 x - The shows / the stage was more impressive, innovative and unique visually in former times.
04 x - The atmosphere / the crowd was better in former days (in some cities).
03 x - It seems that it was more emotional in former times (more energy).

General remarks (equal):
09 x - They still have the energy. It's still a great experience to see them live.
03 x - The setlists are too static. (this was mentioned for both eras.)
03 x - The style has simply / Times have changed. (They couldn't do the same show as they did at Devotional today.)
02 x - I like them much better in smaller venues.
01 x - Too many concerts (in both eras).


11. Do you buy (merchandising)products of / about DM - t-shirts, magazines ... Often, sometimes, seldom - and what?

12 x - often
19 x - sometimes
25 x - seldom
19 x - never

33 x - T-Shirts (clothes)
15 x - posters
15 x - books (tourbook)
13 x - cups
10 x - magazines
05 x - buttons / badges
04 x - key rings
03 x - jewellery
02 x - calendars

Special remarks: "The clothes never fit!" - "And they have a bad quality!" / "It's simply too expensive."


12. Do you have a "DM-corner" at home with your collection, posters aso?

33 x - No, I don't have a "DM-corner" (anymore).
27 x - Yes, I have something like a "DM-corner" (even a DM-room! / flat is decorated).

Are you are real collector who buys all release-versions?

28 x - No, no real collector but I've most / all CDs (and other stuff).
16 x - No, no real collector (and I don't have all the stuff).
11 x - Yes, I'm a collector.
09 x - No, I'm not longer a real collector (but I still have a lot of stuff).


13. Do you only listen to album/single-versions or also to (re)mixes and coverversions?

I have to admit that I forgot to mention liveversions. So - when people say they mainly listen to "official material" you can count in "101" and "SOFAD Live" and also LHN as well.

28 x - All (official) versions (and cover, too).
20 x - All (official) versions (except cover).
13 x - Mainly albums and singles.
08 x - Mainly albums.
02 x - Albums, cover.
01 x - Albums, singles, cover.


14. Do you produce (re)mixes, coverversions, fanvideos, fanclothing etc. yourself? What kind of?

50 x - no.
24 x - yes.

14 - Coverversions / remixes / edits.
10 - T-Shirts (clothes / bags).
04 - Photoshow / video.

Special remark: "No, but that's a good idea - creating my own T-Shirts. Thank you." (You're welcome ;-))


15. Do you visit DM-parties? Often, sometimes, seldom? What is special about them for you?

39 x - no (not anymore) / (but I would like to - but there aren't any in my area / never at the right time / there aren't any REAL DM-Parties.)
13 x - seldom.
11 x - sometimes.
13 x - often.

20 x - Meet like-minded people (friends) / people in my age.
17 x - Listen to DM really loud (and dance to it).
02 x - I'm the DJ!

Special remarks: "Didn't like it. Felt out of place. Music was almost all b sides I didn't know by then. People seemed more about the looks than the feeling." / "It isn't the same anymore. In former times it was more fun." / "If I go there I'm drunk and people seem strange to me - but that's because I'm drunk, I suppose." (Love that answer :d) / "It's a special atmosphere and a completely own world." / "Wherever you look - you'll see happy faces. That's great!" / "The most important is to get away from everydaylife. It's like a drug."
(It seems as if it is true that DM-parties mainly a phenomen of Germany and Eastern Europe.)


16. How often do you listen to DM?

33 x - Very often / (almost) every day.
14 x - Often / several times a week.
08 x - About once a week.
19 x - Sometimes (it differs / depends on my mood)

And how often do you watch videos/DVDs?

06 x - Very often / (almost) every day.
06 x - Often / several times a week.
09 x - About once a week.
09 x - About once a month.
10 x - Sometimes (it differs / depends on my mood and time).
24 x - Seldom.


17. How fast do you decide for yourself if you like a song or not?

This question base on several discussions in forums in which some people keep telling you that you "didn't get the album because it has to grow on you". I always decide at first listening if I like a song or not. (And I don't care if it is DM or something else.) So it was personal curiousity to ask you this question.

08 x - It takes a while. / Several listenings.
08 x - It takes a few times listening.
17 x - Very quick / immedately.
19 x - That differs from song to song / album to album.

Is there a song you (didn't) like(d) some years ago and now (don't) like (anymore)?

31 x - Yes, there are songs I (didn't) like(d) in former times and now (don't) like (anymore).
20 x - Still like all the tracks I used to pretty much the same. / I still don't like those tracks I never liked.

Several examples in both directions - didn't like, like now / liked, don't like anymore - were given. I summed up single songs and albums to eras.

18 x - The early stuff until 1985 - 7 positive / 11 negative (very often: Just Can't Get Enough in a negative way)
03 x - Black Celebration - 2 positive - 1 negative
05 x - Music For The Masses - 4 positive - 1 negative
11 x - Violator - 6 positive (often: Enjoy The Silence) - 5 negative (often: Enjoy The Silence / Personal Jesus)
09 x - SOFAD - 4 positive - 5 negative (often: I Feel You - in both ways)
02 x - Ultra - 2 negative
06 x - Exciter - 4 positive - 2 negative
05 x - Playing The Angel - 2 positive - 3 negative
07 x - SOTU - 6 negative - 1 positive

Special remarks: "I could tell a story to every song and every album." / "Sometimes I forget about some songs and remember them afterwards - it brings a more special feeling to them." / "I love grower." / "My favourite songs are changing with my mood and to what just happening in my life. Often the songs help me to understand my feelings."


(with friendly permission of © Jérôme Pouille

18. Is there a difference for you between the DM until 1993 and the DM from 1997 onwards? (Now asked about the albums/singles not the live-performance.) And how would you describe this difference?

As in question No. 10 the years "1993" and "1997" were chosen intentionally because of the impression that many fans think in the categories "DM with / without Alan". But there weren't many clear "yes/no", "better/worse" answers. Most people have a very differential view.

More "former times" orientated answers:
11 x - The sound (without Alan) isn't that varied / rich / bombastic / atmospheric / orchestral anymore. / The classical style is missing.
08 x - The music was more powerful / profound / edgier / experimental in former days.
07 x - There aren't so many hits anymore. / The songs aren't that catchy anymore.
05 x - I miss the background-melodies that you don't get at first time listening but grow at you.
04 x - They were more unique / mystic in former days.
04 x - Production was better with Alan. / His input is missing.
03 x - I miss the more electronic style.
02 x - I wasn't that keen on the 1993 era.
01 x - In former times they were a cold, inapproached band, cool and with great potential - but affected.

More "difference" orientated answers:
06 x - The songs in former times were darker, today they are more positive / mainstream / "lighter" / "softer" (what isn't better or worse).
05 x - The sound is rockier today, the lyrics more matured. But it fits the fans and the band who became more matured, too.
05 x - The difference is Alan.
02 x - I see a difference but I'm not sure about the reason.
02 x - I would see the difference in my personal taste and life. (I'm too young to have an emotional connection to the former times.)
01 x - I see the difference mainly in Martin's music preference.

More "comparing / equal" orientated answer:
13 x - I would split it up in different eras ... (Almost everyone split up the eras in a different way)
09 x - ... (and) all eras / albums are good either way.
07 x - They are just at another stage of their musical life.
03 x - It's also part of the zeitgeist. / Times simply have changed. They always had to develop and they still do.

More "nowadays" orientated answers:
08 x - The quality is lower today. / The quality of the remixes is worse.
06 x - But the band / the musical approach is still very good. / Martin still writes brillant songs. (Dave, too).
04 x - The newer albums are my favourites.
04 x - The newer albums depends more to the actual producer / production and sound are different (but I don't think this is better or worse).
02 x - Sometimes the DM of today sounds like a cheap copy of cheap DM-cover-bands.
02 x - Dave is more positive and satisfied today, so there is an overall positive feeling.
02 x - The artwork / the videos got worse.
01 x - They don't develop anymore.
01 x - DM has become something like Dave's, Mart's and Andy's hobby.
01 x - Nowadays DM has become much more human. They are not longer some kind of complex or Gods.
01 x - The band is in decline since 1997.
01 x - The band just became calmer since 1997.

Special remarks: "I'm afraid many fans don't want them to develop but stick to their roots." / "To answer this question I had to write a book." / "Many people will write now that Alan's sound is missing." (Nah, not SO many than we thought. ;-))


19. Why did leave Alan the band in your opinion? (It is not asked what HE said but your own theory.)

Of course, I know what Alan said, but I also know that he mentioned a lot of things during the times. (Once he even said something like: "I could talk about it every day and I won't be able to tell you the main / the starting point.") When you read around a lot in forums you'll find many theories (hidden in discussions about other things) that show that the fans heard what he said, what other people said, and some tend to this, others to that and some even have a theory on their own.
Some people wrote that they can't have an own theory because they weren't there (or that it would be right what he said and that it is his own business.) True, but I wanted to "collect" these theories and see to which of his own answers people tend to mostly.

20 x - He wasn't receiveing the money and recognition he thought he deserved. (Also from outside. For many people he was just the second keyboarder.) / Unfair share of work.
15 x - General tensions / relationships got worse / lack of communication (what probably started many years before).
12 x - Never penetrated completely the Basildon union. / He was isolated within the band (because he lost with Dave his only friend in the band). / Too different characters.
08 x - He was fed up from being in a band, touring and working with the same people.
07 x - It was especially the relationship to Martin.
06 x - I take it as he said it.
06 x - He couldn't handle the things as he would have liked to. / His creativity was inhibited.
06 x - The whole thing got beyond him. / He was burnt out.
06 x - I don't believe him when he says it had been a well-thought decision. I think it was an irrational act because of being burnt out, hurt, dissappointed and angry. / I bet if he had known that Dave survived he wouldn't have left the band. / I bet he was sorry for it later.
05 x - He wanted to move on into another musical direction.
05 x - He couldn't see any future with DM. / He was leaving a sinking ship.
04 x - The long tour (the tensions during recording SOFAD).
04 x - It's a mysteria to me.
04 x - He loaded too much work on himself.
04 x - It was especially the relationship to Fletch.
04 x - Because of not getting that deep into alcohol and drugs himself. / He couldn't stand the lifestyle of that time. / He saw Martin, Dave and Andy falling apart in front of him.
02 x - It was the relationship to Martin and Fletch.
02 x - He wanted to have more time for himself and his family.
02 x - As an outsider you can't have a personal theory.
03 x - He never had his heart in Depeche Mode really. / He was on an ego-trip. / He was bored.
02 x - He fell in love with his second wife. Maybe it was this new influence. It's remarkable that he is - after his divorce - more open to DM again.
02 x - None of the other members seemed to be as devoted (excuse the pun) as him while recording the record. The other seemed to have forgotten the importance or reasoning of their career, and Alan was the only one who had remained focused.
01 x - He couldn't identify with the musical development. (Sorry, but this is the strangest answer. ;-) It is well-known that Alan's favourite album is SOFAD.)
01 x - Just have a look at his house! (Hm? Could you please contact me again and explain what you mean?)
01 x - It was a well-thought decision.
01 x - He was selfconfident and didn't need the confirmation of his person through DM. He thought it was too childish.


20. Is Alan for you nowadays still "somehow a part" of DM? Why?

As he is still topic in the forums very often, you get the impression that this must be the case. Reason enough to ask this question.

53 x - Yes, ...
33 x - ... in some way. He is a crucial part of what DM is now. / Because fans mainly like the songs best they recorded with him. / I wouldn't have become a fan without him. / Because he mastered their sound. (But he belongs to the past nevertheless. / As a legend.)
16 x - ... he still is and always will!

22 x - No, ...
08 x - ... I became a fan in later times so there's no "connection" to him. / I never noticed him really. / The band is some kind of team and you can change the members of a team (except Mart and Dave.)
07 x - ... although appearance at RAH was fantastic. / His appearance at RAH brought him back to my mind (but nevertheless no).
05 x - ... I like DM better without him. / I don't miss him at all. (And I don't belong to those who think they would better with him.)
01 x - ... not for the present.

Special remarks: "Where is the question about if Christian is part of the band for me?" (I'm sorry, but as Christian is no official member I don't care so much about him, although I know some fans see him as some kind of part of the band.) / "It's amazing that it is mostly Alan who is using the history of DM for his own project." / "It's strange that his departure maybe saved the band because it was some kind of 'warning shot'." / "He is the most nerveracking discussion when it comes to DM."


21. Do you listen to the solo projects of the (former) bandmembers? To which?

04 x - All of them intensively.
06 x - All of them sometimes / rarely.
04 x - Know them all but I'm not very enthusiastic about them / don't listen to them anymore.
06 x - None of them.

01 x - Vince Clarke's projects intensively / often.
04 x - Vince Clarke's projects sometimes / a bit.
06 x - Especially Vince's stuff isn't my cup of tea.

19 x - Recoil intensively / often.
14 x - Recoil sometimes / a bit.
06 x - Especially Alan's stuff isn't my cup of tea.

24 x - Mart's projects intensively / often.
13 x - Mart's projects sometimes / a bit.
02 x - Especially Mart's stuff isn't my cup of tea.

27 x - Dave's projects intensively / often.
12 x - Dave's projects sometimes / a bit.
04 x - Especially Dave's stuff isn't my cup of tea.

Only one person mentioned Client - without saying much about it.
And one mentioned Eigner's project - without saying much about it.


22. Which role did Vince Clarke play for DM-history in your opinion?

29 x - Crucial, without him there wouldn't be DM ...
20 x - Well, he was one of the founding members and wrote the first songs ...
19 x - ... but I'm glad he's gone!
19 x - ... but he has no special meaning to me. / He hadn't much influence.
04 x - Nevertheless he wrote the first big hits and some classics.

And why did he leave the band? (Again it isn't asked what the biographies say but what you think personally.)

Contrariwise to Alan - who mentioned a lot of reasons - Vince didn't say much about them and it seems that no one ever understood it really. (Or to say it with Dave: "To be honest - I think it was bullshit what he said.")

11 x - He didn't like being a star / he couldn't handle the fuzz (because of being too young).
10 x - It's a mysteria. / Everything he said sounds illogical to me.
09 x - He wanted to do different things than the rest of the band / he felt that the band was moving into another direction / he felt that they weren't at the same level.
04 x - He didn't feel well within the band (because he was gay (:o Are you sure you don't mistake him for Andy Bell? ;-)) / he didn't feel like he fit in.
03 x - He was more loner and neurotic than the others.
03 x - Things got beyond him.
02 x - He felt like the "incomprehended genious" / he felt he was more talented.
02 x - Tensions between the bandmembers.
02 x - He felt that Martin was the better songwriter.
02 x - He wanted to have control over the music and for his plans the others weren't the right partners.
01 x - He was fed up with the project.


23. Why did the situation during Devotional "explode" and where was the starting point? (Again it is asked about your own theory.)

Here it is the same as with the question why Alan left: it is said and written a lot about this time but you still find a lot of remarks about it in the forums.

13 x - Too much sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. / Drugs and alcohol.
09 x - In some way this is normal for that business.
03 x - World Violation wasn't better.
01 x - Everything is said about that time.
Sure, but what were the reasons? It was said much about how it looked like but quite less about why it happened.

19 x - They couldn't handle the pressure of the success.
15 x - Too much tour-album-tour. (The long Devotional tour especially.) (Not enough holiday in between.)
12 x - It was a long way of missunderstandings, lack of communication and internal tensions (from the mids of the 80's till Devotional).
06 x - Negative influences / false friends (women).
06 x - Family / personal problems (burnt out).
05 x - No every-day-life (being a rockstar must be awful) / no time for oneself / living in a parallelworld.
05 x - A sort of "close to the 30's crisis" (searching for some sense in life).
05 x - The characters were too different. (Everyone was on an ego-trip. / No sticking together.)
04 x - It was part of the zeitgeist. (Grunge)
04 x - No possibility to go out of each other's way.
04 x - Internal tensions (conflicts between Dave-Fletch and Alan-Fletch, Alan-Mart.)
03 x - Too much of everything - money, power ...
03 x - Too naive (young) when the career began.
03 x - Dave's drug abuse. (It must have been hard for the rest of the band.)
02 x - They had reached the highest point of their career and didn't know how to move on.
02 x - No hold in the families (no true friends / important people like Daniel Miller lost influence).
02 x - They pushed themselves too hard.
01 x - Inner loneliness.
01 x - The tour started too early, they didn't take their time to prepare it.
01 x - They hoped their personal problems would decrease during the tour but it went wrong.


24. DM are a so-called "cultband". Why do you think they became "cult" and when did it start? (Or: What does them make "cult" to you?)

Obvious a very difficult question. ;-) Why do people like this band so much that even quite critical fans who aren't that keen on the newer albums and the live-performance of today can't get away from them?

21 x - The music! The unique sound and style (especially in the 80s). They can't be compared, they're in their own league.
19 x - The whole package - great gigs, charisma, soul, special style ...
17 x - The lyrics / music / bandmembers seem to be very personal. People can identify with the described feelings. "How can Mart know what is going on in my head?" / I find myself through the music.
16 x - They were absolutely unique, cool and different (in the 80's) and as a fan you were unique, cool, different and strange, too (felt like a weird freak). / It was some kind of revolution.
09 x - It's like one big family worldwide (fan projects / DM-parties).
08 x - It's the nostalgia. Many people grew up with them.
07 x - The devoted black swarm.
06 x - Dave / charismatic frontman.
06 x - They are extremely popular without being popular really.
06 x - Their continuance of being steady but still grow and develop further on. / That they have managed to produce good music all through their career. / They are timeless.
04 x - The image (Anton Corbijn gave them with this photos and videos. / Four persons who were very cool.)
03 x - I love the strange humour.
03 x - It's a special magic you can't describe.
03 x - Depeche Mode is a life's philosophy.
03 x - They are no cult band to me. Music isn't religion. / I don't know if I'd call it a cult! (To explain this a bit: this question is the contra-part to the same question the band was asked about end of the 80s. As the band members were aware of being "cult" but couldn't explain this really I thought I should ask the fans why they are so devoted to them.)
02 x - The personalities of the bandmembers.
02 x - They were always very close to their fans.
01 x - Because there are only less concerts. Everything that's rare is missed.
01 x - Nowadays everything is "cult" what is started in the 80s.
01 x - It's the strange antagonism of underground - mainstream, being different - identification, melancholy - hope.
01 x - It's because of that so many people with completely different (musical) background can identify themselves with this music.
01 x - The transformation from a simple popband to serious band with intensive lyrics and music.

Special remarks: "They are like the best kept secret in music ever." (Maybe this sentence sums it up.) Remarkable is that the "cult" seems to be stronger in Germany and East Europe. I heard this before but this survey made it clear - participants from other parts of the world had difficulties with this and the following question.


25. What are the band members to you?

21 x - Simply (genious) Musicians (who don't follow every trend) (in the past).
09 x - Musicians / people who are part of my life in some way / with a large input on my life.
06 x - Something like soul mates. (People I'm connected with in a spiritual way through their music.)
06 x - Some kind of relatives you don't know much about but feel connect with in some way. / It's something like family.
05 x - A good band selling a product but I connect with what they have to say musically and lyrically.
05 x - There is some kind of connection I can't describe.
04 x - You seem to know them although you never met them. (I often wonder about their private lives - which sounds a bit stalker-esque.)
04 x - Interesting personalities.
04 x - Something like good old chaps / old school friends but nothing more.
03 x - I adore them (they are special people for me) / I love them.
03 x - Icons of the 80s / cult.
03 x - Musicians / people who seem to think and feel in the same way I do.
03 x - I don't know them but I feel like they were my friends. (I wouldn't mind if one of them phoned me in the middle of the night. And I would let them spend the night on my couch. (And this isn't allowed to everyone!) - (Can't help but this is sweet. :d)
03 x - Idols. / "Gods".
02 x - I adore them for their music. (Not more).
01 x - The leader of a community.
01 x - Oracles.
01 x - A huge inspiration.
01 x - I like them.

03 x - Martin is a brilliant songwriter and singer.
03 x - Dave is some kind of soulbrother.
02 x - Dave is a very charismatic frontman and has a great voice.
01 x - Fletch is a musician and organisation talent.
01 x - Fletch is Fletch - you simply have to love him.
01 x - Dave is a loud mouthed git who should stick to singing and not interfer with songwriting (which he clearly can't master).
01 x - Fletch is the glue that holds Mart and Dave together.
01 x - The combination of Dave and Martin is perfect. They so different but suit each perfectly.
It is true that mainly women wrote they were some kind of soul mates but there were also men who wrote that they are idols for them or some kind of friends and that they adore them.


26. Have you ever met (one of) the band members personally? When and where? Could you talk to them? About what? What was your impression?

45 x - No. (Many were sorry for but astonishing many people wrote they wouldn't want to. Why? Afraid they might be too normal?)
27 x - Yes.

Those who met or saw them, mostly hadn't the opportunity to talk to them.

08 x - Alan is very cool, polite, friendly, a gentleman.
06 x - Fletch is a nice chap and very relaxed and funny. (It was like chatting with an old friend.)
05 x - Dave is very friendly and a perfect gentleman. (He was very funny.)
05 x - Mart seems to be very friendly but very shy. / He's a lovely person.
03 x - Alan can be unfriendly when he feels disturbed (especially during Devotional time.)
03 x - Mart was in former times "dry - shy, drunk - open".
02 x - Fletch seems to be quite inapproachable.
02 x - Fletch is very professional and polite.
02 x - Fletch doesn't like to have too many people around him.
01 x - It was amazing how much time Mart took to talk with us.
01 x - During Devotional Dave really lived that rockstarimage. (I saw him demolating a limousine.)
01 x - Met them in the Mid of the 80s (didn't talk to them) and it was nice to see how much fun they had together.
01 x - Dave is a very nice person but I couldn't talk to him for a long time. (Why? :o Too talkative?)
01 x - Alan seemed to me that he has two completely different faces. He can be very nice but I bet you can get seriously into trouble if he is angry with you.
01 x - Dave is very cold with the fans. He never shows up at backstage parties. DM is his job, that's all.


27. There are rumours about several amorous adventures of the band members. Nevertheless never stories like these appeared in boulevard magazines as it happens to many other stars. Why do you think this is so?

34 x - Not mainstream enough to generate enough interest. (Some people don't even know that they still exist.)
13 x - They are very clever in protecting their personal lives (maybe they even pay some money for.)
12 x - They kept out of all these boulevard media, never sold themselves to them. / They have dignity. / They haven't this craving for recognition. / They learned from their mistakes in the past.
08 x - Maybe there aren't any real "bad" things?
06 x - Well, there had been some scandals - all the drugsstories and some missunderstandings in the mid of the 80s. (I was heading to the 1000 virgins they had had on tour. ;-))
04 x - Good question. No idea.
02 x - Never heard of any scandals.
02 x - Groupies don't talk about their adventures because they will never be invited again.
01 x - Their fans love them too much to talk to the yellow press about some dirty stories they know.

Special remarks: "But being mysterious makes the band even more interesting." / "I don't think people are really interested in reading about amorous adventures (especially not those of a Andy Fletcher)." (I'm pretty sure some fans would like to know more about Mart's or Dave's affairs in the "wild times". ;-)) / "Well, they are Underground-celebrities." / "DM-Fans seem to be a very special group - I don't think they would buy stories like these." / "I like them because of not having this craving for recognition."


28. Are you satisfied with the release-politics of the band? What would you change if you could?

Surprisingly to me - I read a lot of "moaning" about this topic lately - most people think that the release-politic is good or okay. Some people used this question to complain about the news-politic.

32 x - Yes, nothing to change / nothing to complain about.
11 x - Well, more or less it's okay / mostly yes.
09 x - No, (not anymore).

14 x - Less / better (re)mixes / maxis
10 x - Better singles.
04 x - Better videos / artwork.
03 x - Wish they would release more old concerts on DVD/CD.
03 x - No Best Ofs, please.
02 x - Not so long breaks between the albums.
02 x - The quality could be better (especially of the merchandising).
02 x - Less songs on an album (therefore higher quality).
02 x - No downloads, please.
01 x - More old demos, please.
01 x - Maybe some extras here and there.

09 x - Some news in between / more news in general / better news-politic.
03 x - The communication with the fans is not very good. (It's clear that you can't write them directly but there's no way of getting in contact for special things.)

Where might be the problems in your opinion?

05 x - It's the zeitgeist. Internet, Downloadreleases, changing markets.
05 x - Seems that the band lost influence and interest. / They've become a bit lazy.
02 x - It's because of EMI.


29. Is there a "DM-mystery" for you you would like to be answered?

24 persons couldn't think of a "DM-mystery". The rest had some difficulties with this question and wrote whatever came their minds. (Reminds a bit to former Bong-questionnaires. :d)

13 x - Why did Alan leave really (what was going on behind the scenes?) / Why isn't he coming back? / I would like to read a biography written by the band members themselves. It would be great to learn about all the background. (e.g. about the story with Alan / the arguments when they were making SOFAD in Madrid in 1992!)
08 x - I would like to listen to all not worked out ideas, demos and stages of production. (Where are they (and the origin album recordings) stored and what happened to them? e.g. "Mother Me".) / Are there unreleased songs? / Is there a lost album? (Was "Toast Hawaii" just the code for it?))
06 x - Where do the ideas for the lyrics / music come from? / What are their inspirations? (Examples: Is the Gahan-solosong "Saw Something" really about his relationship to Martin? Does some of the Dave's songs inspired from Martin and "Is In Your Room" really for Martin's baby daughter? And who is the inspiration for "Useless" and "Home"? Are the 15-year-olds in "A Question Of Time" and in "Little 15" the same? Who was the inspiration for?)
04 x - I would like to know more about the scandals and amorous adventures of the bandmembers (especially in the 80s and 90s). / I'm still curious if Martin really slept with that Hungarian playmate. (See, there are people who are interested in groupie-stories ;-))
03 x - Why they are so popular but "no one" seems to be interested in them?
03 x - Why are so many people devoted to them and see them as some kind of religion or life's philosophy?
03 x - When will World Violation DVD be released? / Will it ever be released?
02 x - Why do people love the gigs so much although Dave isn't a good live-singer?
02 x - Why there are DM-parties and why do they work? There aren't any U2- or Robbie-Williams-parties neither.
01 x - I want to know the process, details, discussions and struggle (if any) of Dave becomming part of the songwritting of the band and what exactly Martin thinks about every Dave song.
01 x - What did Dave feel when he finally realized that Alan was gone?
01 x - Why they don't work with Anton Corbijn as a video director anymore?
01 x - How do they live?
01 x - Will they ever come to New Zealand, particularly the city of Christchurch?
01 x - Why is the communcation during the concerts so bad?
01 x - I question your sexuality - is there any truth in?
01 x - What is a Bong? (A waterpipe. ;-) But Fletch said once they couldn't remember how they got to the name "Bong". Probably they liked the sound of it.)
01 x - When there'll be the next album / the next tour?
01 x - Why do they produce songs like "Newborn" or "Ghost" but can't see their potential?
01 x - Why they aren't able to produce something great like "Stripped" again?
01 x - Why didn't they use normal drums on SOTU?


30. If the band promised you to fulfil a personal wish of you what would it be?

29 x - Invitation to a session / personal chat / private concert / into to studio (to see the whole production) / play a concert in my city.
16 x - Don't stop making music / touring.
16 x - Be more encouraged with production (another great song like "Stripped"), live-versions and setlist. ("Mercy In You" and "Higher Love"!)
11 x - Alan! (Bring him back to the band / work with him (and Flood) as producer).
04 x - Finding the right point to quit. (I wish they had quit in 1990. / Don't become the next Rolling Stones.)
04 x - Health for the band members.
03 x - World Violation / early concerts on DVD.
03 x - A timemachine (I was born too late to see their earlier concerts).
03 x - That they get rid of Peter Gordeno (and Christian Eigner.)
02 x - I would like to spend some time in the archive of Mute / at one of their houses and listen to all the old demos.
02 x - An autograph (on my first single / for my daughter on her guitar).
01 x - Giving me as a present one of their keyboards or any piece of equipment.
01 x - That they behave like grown-ups finally and talk with Alan. The whole thing seems to me like kindergarden.
01 x - Let me remix one of their songs.
01 x - That they visit the hairdresser's shop of my friend and let their hair done. (Why that :o?)
01 x - I would like to play a role in a video of them.

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